Who Owns the Niagara Falls?

Who owns the Niagara Falls?

Ownership of the Falls is divided between Canada and the USA. All of Horseshoe Falls is located in Canada. The American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls are located in the U.S. American Falls is also known as Rainbow Falls.

Horseshoe Falls is 53 meters or 173 feet to the base, and is 670 meters or 2200 feet wide. The Niagara River flows at a rate of about 21 miles per hour to the crest . Horseshoe Falls also has the majority of the water flowing to it.

American Falls is about 56 meters or 182 feet high, but the rocks at the bottom of both American and Bridal Veil Falls shortens that to about 21 meters or 70 feet. The top of American Falls is around 290 meters or 950 feet wide.

To the south of American Falls is Bridal Veil Falls, it is separated from American Falls by a small strip of land known as Luna Island. Bridal Veil is approximately 17 meters or 56 feet wide.

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