St. Johns Conservation

Twelve Mile Creek is Niagara's only cold-water creek, and the 28-hectare St. Johns Conservation Area protects the headwaters of one of its tributaries. The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority built a .75 hectare trout pond on the creek. The public are welcome to fish for rainbow trout in the smaller spring-fed pond. A wheelchair accessible path and boardwalk encircles the pond.

Watch for tadpoles, frogs and painted turtles along the way.
Several well-marked trails guide visitors through this breathtaking, mature Carolinian forest. Boardwalks rise above wet areas covered with skunk cabbage. The diversity of foliage is amazing with an abundance of ferns, more than 400 species of vascular plants and 80 mushrooms species growing here.

This lush Escarpment woodland will take your breath away. St. Johns Conservation Area is located near Fonthill. From Regional Road 20, take North Pelham Road to Hollow Road.

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