The Sky Wheel

The Sky Wheel is Niagara Falls own version of the Millennium Wheel. At 53 meters tall each ride on the Sky Wheel lasts 10 exciting minutes. The 42 gondolas slowly rise to the top and the view provided on a clear day is absolutely magnificent. The view of the Falls on a clear day is breathtaking from the top of the Wheel. A camera is a must to bring on the ride. At the very top, both the Horseshoe and American Falls are seen in their majestic splendor.

On a clear day, one can see the Niagara parks and surrounding landmarks for miles. The ride is best taken in the evening to capture the glitter of the Niagara Skyline and the illumination of the Falls. The wheel turns surprisingly slowly- it takes about 10 minutes to go round, so one has plenty of time take photos to scenic landmarks.

All Gondolas are fully equipped to provide either heat or air conditioning. The Sky Wheel does offer access for the handicapped. The Sky Wheel is located on Clifton Hill. the entrance is $ 9.99 for adults and $ 5.99 for children.

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