Screaming Tunnel

Beneath the railway tracks that connect Niagara Falls with New York City and Toronto, on a dirt road just off of Warner Road lies the infamous Screaming Tunnel, nearly 2000 square feet of beautiful stonework and eerie vibes.

Most who know of this tunnel remember it as Christopher Walken's temporary place of refuge in the 1983 feature film Dead Zone, but to some, this tunnel represents a varying story of fire and death.

According to the legend, a young girl set ablaze in the early1900s lived her dying moments inside this very tunnel, yet how she arrived there is mysteriously debatable.

One story of her arrival speaks of a nearby farmhouse, which had caught fire and forced the young girl and her family to use the tunnel during their escape. Screaming with her hair and clothes caught in flames, the young girl was unable to make it through the tunnel with the rest of her family.

Another version describes a custody battle with a violent conclusion as the young girl was dragged to the tunnel and set on fire by her father. Some have heard that the young girl was kidnapped by a crazed butcher, who dawned a pig's mask and burned her alive after she had tried to escape through the tunnel.

Perhaps the most gruesome story, the young girl was raped while inside the tunnel, with the perpetrator burning the body in order to hide the evidence.

The burning farmhouse version of the young girl's arrival is believed to be the most accurate, yet despite which story is true, they say that you can often hear the young girl's screams echoing through the tunnel. And those who have dared to step near the tunnel have spoken of extremely cold temperatures, even during the hottest of days.

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