Scenic Trolley

Like all cities, Niagara Falls has already established a mobile guide for the tourists in a Trolley. This comfortable scenic ride takes lets one explore the various areas of the City and the surrounding areas in a relaxed and comfortable fashion.

All trolleys have a guide which interacts and relates the importance of the surrounding land. The entire Trolley trip takes about 3 hours and travels the entire length of the Falls. It does stop at all the important landmark sites, like the Falls, Prospect park and Caves of the Wind.

The Trolley does make frequent stops, but one is allowed to get on and off at different spots at leisure. These state of the art Trolleys are heated in the Winter and have air conditioning in the Summer.

The Trolley allows room and access for handicapped and wheelchair bound individuals. Because of the constant crowd overflow and traffic congestion, the Trolley offers all the convenience of mobility without being harassed by the traffic.

The Trolley service is available all year around and the tickets are available at all the stops. Adults can ride for $2 and children under 12 can ride for $1.