Victoria Park

Niagara has many parks and one of the most well known is Queen Victoria Park. It is located in the middle of downtown Niagara very close to the Canadian side of the Horseshoe Falls. Like its Royal name, the Park has all the appearances of being Regal.

The park has immaculate lawns and well manicured gardens. With every season, the garden is surrounded by the flowers of the season that may include tulips, fuchsia, lantanas, magnolias or daffodils. Walking through the garden one becomes familiar with the various garden themes in the Park which include a Rose garden, a Rock garden and an international collection of plants.

Autumn brings about the annual falling of the leaves and reveals another serene aspect of the Park. When it snows in winter, the icicles can be seen on all the twigs and the bare tree branches- giving an appearance of absolute solitude.

The park has all the facilities for tourist and the pristine lanes allow for a leisurely stroll. When one is tired, there are ample park benches located in the shade.

In the summer, the annual fireworks are always on display each night and there is no place better than the Park to catch the glamour of the Niagara skyline in the background.

Like most of Niagara Parks, it is well illuminated very attractively at night. The best time to visit the park is early morning or late in the afternoon. The park offers an excellent view of the majestic Falls and its roaring waters going over the Falls.

For those who are tired after a long day of walking and sight seeing, the nearby Queen Victoria restaurant provides a relaxing atmosphere with all its serenity.

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