Pink Palace

Tales of brutal murder have built a creepy aura around the apartment building at 4223 Buttery St.

Converted into apartments during the 1950s, this building once stood as a 27-room Victorian style mansion built in 1865. Originally knows as the Pink Palace, this illustrious mansion was part of an 85-acre estate that featured stables, vineyards, orchards and tennis courts.

Being well known for hosting sumptuous parties, a Dr. John Ferguson owned the property until his untimely death in 1893. According to reports, Dr. Ferguson's property played host to much more than lavish festivities.

It has been told that a transaction resulted in murder when a thief attempted to connive an immigrant into purchasing this property, which the thief did not own. Lets just say that this immigrant was not as gullible as the thief believed. Ten years later, while awaiting their carriage following one of Dr. Ferguson's luxurious parties, a couple is said to have been brutally murdered on the driveway of the mansion.

It is believed that a phantom horse-drawn carriage has been seen rolling its way up the driveway. On the anniversary of the couple's murder, blood trails are said to have been seen streaming down the driveway.

by: Chase Kell