Oakes Garden

In 1932, when the Clifton hotel was destroyed by fire, the gutted site was purchased by Sir Harry Oakes. This property bought by Mr. Oakes is today located on the south side of Clifton Hill. Oakes then rebuilt the basic foundations and constructed the amphitheater.

Over the ensuing years, the natural landscape with its splendid backdrop to the Falls led to the development of the gardens. The amphitheater has all the resemblance of the Roman architecture and the immaculate gardens reflect all what is native to Canada. The gardens are surrounded by limestone and well paved lanes. The reconstructed spiral staircases with painted steps lead directly to the Falls.

In the late summer, there is no view like it and rivals some of the best images seen in Canada. The Oakes Garden is one of Niagara's most beautiful and inspiring place. It makes one oblivious of the city's congestion, traffic and offers a, quiet place to sit and reflect, and a presents a vision of soft colors and fragrance.

The gardens display a diverse and unique collection of plants, landscape features, and culture heritages. They reflect the human effort to create a harmonious blend of nature and art. In addition to beauty and comfort, these gardens also provide education and conservation opportunities. They are the sparkling jewels within the Niagara Falls Park System. Admission is free and there is ample parking.