Niagara's Fury at Falls

Inside the stunning new Niagara Falls entertainment complex Niagara's Fury begins with a capitvating family friendly pre-show that tells the story of Niagara's monumentous creation. Then enter the circular theater to see and actually feel the sensations of Niagara's birth in an onslaught of site and sounds.

You will be humbled by the vast magnitude of Niagara Falls' power and beauty. Be part of nature's fury as monstrous glaciers crash and splash around while you see and feel thunder, rain, lighting, wind, fresh water spray, and even snow! Then plunge sway, and soar toward the unforgettable moment when Niagara's Fury and beauty is revealed in a thrilling multi sensory climax featuring amazing aerial visuals you can't see anywhere else.

Niagara's Fury is an world-class immersive and dramatic experience. This multi-sensory attraction allows visitors to feel and appreciate the wonder of nature in a whole new way. Be immersed in the marvelous birth of Niagara Falls and experience the amazing new Niagara's Fury attraction at Niagara Falls Canada.

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