Niagara Falls Canada

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Niagara Falls, the world’s second largest waterfall consisting of three major waterfalls, is one of the most popular tourist destinations during the summer months. Situated on the border between United States and Canada, Niagara Falls is the common property of both Ontario and New York. Niagara Falls originated about 12000 years ago from the glaciers present in Lake Erie, that started melting and eroding the soil and traveled more than seven miles to create this magnificent waterfall that attracts more than 14 million tourists every year.

The American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and the Horseshoe Falls together form the magnificent Niagara Falls, which can be viewed both during the day and night. In fact the night view of the Niagara Falls is so beautiful that there is provision for visitors to stay till about midnight and see it under floodlights. In order to enhance the beauty of the view and heighten one’s experience of viewing the Falls, various gardens and parks have been created.

American Falls can be best viewed by walking down Prospect Park while people wanting to view the Niagara Falls from the Canadian side, can do so from the Queen Victoria Park. Also, if one wants to view the entire Niagara Falls then the observation tower present in the premises provides a fantastic view. The Skyton Tower is another place from where the view of the Niagara Falls is truly magnificent and worth experiencing.

If you want to experience the whirlpools on the Niagara Falls then the Maid of the Mist and the Spanish Aerocar are two modes that you can definitely avail. The Spanish Aerocar is a cable car that was established in 1916 and it provides an aerial view of the whirlpools present in the Canadian side. Niagara Falls is not only famous as a tourist destination but is also declared as an important ecosystem as it houses many protected species like the American Bald Eagle, Lake Sturgeon, the Peregrine Falcon etc. It also formed the support system for various wintering birds and the Park area was known for the rare species of flora that was peculiar only to this area.

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