Minolta Tower

The Konica Minolta Tower was built in 1961 and has become a prominent structure in the Niagara Skyline. Standing nearly 325 feet, it provides one of the best views of the Falls, without getting wet.

Once on the top the Observation deck, a magnificent panoramic view of the Niagara Falls and surrounding landscape is obtained. The windows in the Observation have been designed in such a way so they prevent the glare of the sun and allow for excellent photography.

Around the entire deck are mounted photographs of the Niagara town and its monuments, including the Falls. Also located on the Observation deck are telescopes to get a close up view of the Falls. On a bright sunny day, one can see multiple rainbows and the foggy mist for miles around.

Also located on the observation deck is the Pinnacle Restaurant which caters to all types of food. Because of the splendid view obtained, the Tower has frequently been used for wedding couples and private parties. In the basement of the Tower are located various gift, souvenir and fast food restaurants. Recently, a five star hotel has been built in the surround area.

The best time to go up the tower is either early morning or late evening. For the romantics, the most gorgeous view is at night when the Falls is illuminated.

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