McFarland House

There are not many buildings on Niagara on the Lake from the past 200 yeas, but McFarland House is one of the few monuments attesting to that time period. The entire brick building was built by John McFarland in 1800.

In the early years, it was used by the British Army officers as its headquarters. However, it also functioned as a hospital during the early wars of that period. During the British occupation the house regaled in all the pomposity of British aristocracy and future owners of the house continued the British tradition of afternoon teas in the gardens. Today, fine British tea and biscuits are the highlight of the visit. For those who frown tea, there is an ample choice of wine to drink. For the children ice creams in all flavors are available.

Over the past 100 years, the building has undergone numerous reconstructions and restorations to preserve the historical significance of the monument. In 1959, the building was bought over by the Niagara Parks Commission who further renovated it and have opened it to the public. The building now functions as a museum and as a tea house. Unfortunately, the gardens surrounding the house have become dilapidated and most have disappeared. However, the house is located in area of picnic grounds and the Niagara River Trails which more than make up for the lost gardens.

McFarland house is located in McFarland Point Park. For those who want to know more about the history, scheduled guided tours of the building are available during the summer months. There is an entrance fee of $4.50 for adults and $ 3.50 for children. The house does offer access for the handicapped.