Marineland Niagara

Located just south of the Niagara Falls, Canada, Marineland is a unique adventurous theme park for both adults and children. In the last 2 decades, the park has grown from just a water-based theme park to one which offers numerous other attractions including rides, roller coasters and even a deer petting zoo.

The theme park offers a wide variety of marine animals which includes sharks, killer whales, dolphins and the beluga whales. The numerous variety of sea animals allows one to appreciate the ocean's most intriguing creatures. Exciting water shows performed by the dolphins and the whale shark are held at regular intervals at the King Waldorf Stadium Show and the Aquarium Dome.

For those wanting a first hand and a close up view, early arrival is recommended. The Sea Animals perform spectacular shows which usually end with a gigantic tidal wave of water drenching the unsuspecting audience sitting in the front rows. Besides the exciting water shows, one also gets a very closer look at walruses, penguins, manatees, schools of sea and fresh water fish and other wildlife.

The newly designed Friendship Cove holds the largest whale habitat in the world. The Cove is walkways surrounding it for above water viewing ans underwater performances of these remarkable marine mammals.

For those interested in more excitement, there are a variety of rides and roller coasters on the park. Sky Screamer - the world's tallest triple tower ride not only provides a spectacular view of the surrounding area, but will drop you 450 feet in a matter of seconds- rivaling any bungee jump in terms of fear and excitement.

The park has numerous dining facilities offering everything from fast take away to a leisure lunch of Sea food Creole and Chicken Dijon. Of course, this is not included in the park entrance fee.
Many surrounding hotels also offer Tour Packages which include 2 nights accommodation, buffet breakfast, complimentary tokens for rides and passes to the Marine Land them park.

Marineland is located just a mile South of Niagara Falls. It is closed during the winter months but open during the entire summer. Adequate parking is available at the Park.

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