Maid of the Mist

The Maid of the Mist is a historic journey on a modified Double Decker boat that takes you so close to the Falls; so close to the Falls that one can literally touch the raging waters. Even since the Falls became a tourist attraction, the Maid of the Mist has become a traditional boat ride. One should not leave Niagara falls without taking this incredible boat ride. Even though it appears scary, the ride reveals the might of the massive water falls, the roar of the water tumbling over the edge and the deafening sound.

The boat gets so close to the bottom of the Falls that one can feel the thunder of the noise all around. The force of the water falls and the tumultuous amount of water raging around is an incredible feeling. Despite the rushing water and large waves, the boat is very stable and most individuals have no complaints of motion sickness.

As the boat nears the base of the Falls, there is an incredible feeling of awe and just sheer might of the water. The splashing of the water produces a misty breeze which completely soaks everything in sight and can even obscure the view at times.

The modified boats have been making these daily trips for decades and have powerful engines that can ride against the powerful Niagara river current. Before the boat ride, everyone is given souvenir yellow rain ponchos. These are a must because one is sure to get soaked otherwise.

The Boat ride is available from both the Canadian and American side of the Falls. From the Canadian side, the directions to the boat ride are found along side Clifton Hill. After the boat trip, there is a gift shop and fast food outlet for some hot coffee.

The Maid of the Mist runs from Easter to end of Summer. The rides start at 7.30 am and continue until late evening.

Tickets to the Maid of the Mist are available at the docking site at the foot of Clifton Hill. The ticket price for adult is $14 and $9 for children. The pathway leading to the Dock and the Boat allow for wheel chair and strollers.

Because of the difficulty with parking, it is best to leave the car at the designated car park area and take the People Mover (rapid transit) which operates every 5-10 minutes and transports individuals along the entire length of the Falls.

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