Mahoney Dollhouse

Located at 657 Niagara Boulevard, the Mahoney Dollhouse Gallery was built in 1835 under the original name of Bertie Hall. Despite owning a collection of nearly 150 dollhouses spanning 200 years, perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this museum lies in the basement, which contained a tunnel extending well in to the bedrock that was used to help smuggle slaves from the US during the Underground Railroad.

After his son had drowned when the rising tide flooded out the tunnel, Captain Forsythe, owner of the building in the late 19th, sealed off the tunnel entrance with bricks. It is believed that a flood in the tunnel also claimed the life of a young slave in the early 1800s. Since then, it is believed that the museum is a haven for phantom and ghost like activity.

Despite the fact that the basement has witnessed the drowning tragedies, it is the upper floors where the apparitions and strange occurrences are noticed. An employee once noticed that a pink dollhouse had moved at least three feet overnight while sitting up on the 2nd floor. The smell of lilacs that seems to come and go is probably relative to the often seen apparition of a woman, holding a basket of flowers as she stands on the stairs.

by: Chase Kell

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