Mackenzie Printery

The Mackenzie Printery Museum covers an era of Printed newspapers for more than 500 years. The Printery has a lot of firsts in Canada; the first printed newspaper, the oldest press circulation, the first wooden press, etc.

The Printery building was the re-built on original home of William Mackenzie and in an honor to the great Publisher; the Museum has devoted a substantial amount of time on the life the man and his home.

Once inside the museum, there is an opportunity to test one's ability at operating a Press and type setting. For those lithographers, there are guided tours which provide all the nitty gritty details about the ink, machinery and the metal type casters. Today the museum offers a historical evolution of printing in Canada. Both the wooden and iron presses of the time are available for view.

The museum also has a vast collection of letter press equipment and artifacts related to the printing trade. The museum also offers educational tours for college and high school students. Every now and then, the museum holds seminars on advertising, journalism communications and business skills in relevance to printing.

The museum is open year round and located in the village of Queenston, just a few miles north of the Falls. Entrance to the museum is $4.50 for Adults and $3.50 Children (6 to 12 years). This historic building is not wheelchair accessible. For more information, one can call 1 877 642 7275