Keefer Mansion

The Keefer Mansion, built in 1886, was the home of the Keefer family, who were well known as brilliant engineers during the 19th century. The mansion was built on the very same property that the American's occupied with a hospital during the war of 1812.

Since the Keefer family, the mansion has been used for several ventures including a mental institution, a bar, a hospital, apartment buildings and most recently, the Maplehurst Retirement Home.

In its early years, the mansion played a large role in the underground railroad as it is believed that hidden tunnels were built within the mansion's walls.

As this prominent mansion is well known for many things, housing ghosts and spirits apparently is one of them. In preparation for the mansion's latest venture, a bed and breakfast opened in 2005, city officials hired two mediums to attempt to remove the reported spirits.

Perhaps these spirits are responsible for the footsteps often heard from inside one of the rooms upstairs, as well as the frequent banging from the staircase. Faucets turn themselves on and off, and the hanging smell of smoke from a pipe often lingers in the basement, where apparitions of various ghost like figures have been spotted. The sounds of a gate, squealing as if being opened and closed repeatedly have been reported as well.

by: Chase Kell