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When you go to Niagara Falls, your visit there wouldn’t be complete without visiting the IMAX Theatre Niagara Falls, Canada. This theatre is the home of one of the most magnificent IMAX movie of all time which is “The Falls Movie: Legends and Daredevils”. This movie lets you travel back to the time when native people worshipped thunder spirits and other spirits of nature. The movie will also let you meet daredevils and legends who challenged and survived Niagara Falls. Some of these people are the Great Blondin who completed a tightrope walk over the Falls, 63-year old Annie Taylor who went over the Falls in a barrel and 7-year old Roger Woodward who survived the Falls with only a lifejacket.

The film is also available in 6 different languages through complimentary headsets and is available for the French, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and Spanish languages while dedicated French and Japanese shows are available daily.

The IMAX Theatre is composed of a 620-seat auditorium, 60-feet high screen image that is 4500 times larger than a regular TV screen and 12,000 Watts of Digital Surround Sound by Sonics Proportional Point Source™ loudspeaker system that uses 44 laser-focused speaker drivers. The Theatre can be found at Fallsview Boulevard, Niagara Falls and is located next to the Skylon Tower and Niagara Fallsview Casino.

For schedules, the film “Niagara: Legends and Daredevils” is shown every hour on the hour with French and Japanese dedicated shows available only by request during winter. As of 2009, admission prices vary for walk up rates, online rates, and group rates. Walk up rates are $14.75 for Adults (13+) and $10.62 for Children (4-12). Online rates are given 25% off the regular price plus taxes so they are only $11 for Adults and $8 for Children. For groups of more than 20 people, rates are$8.60 for Adults and $5.45 for Children.

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