Hydro-Electric Dam

Photo By: Ken Doerr

The single greatest source of hydroelectric power in the world, the Niagara River is home to several power plants. The 2 most famous plants on the Canadian side are the Sir Adam Beck I and II, named after the first head of the Hydro-Electric Power Commission. Combined, the Beck power stations produce over 2 million kW of power.

During the East Coast Blackout in the summer of 2003, Niagara Falls and area retained power. 14m (45 ft) diameter tunnels run under the city of Niagara Falls to divert 68 Million litres /minute to the power stations. Niagara Falls used to erode at a rate of 1m (3ft) every 10 years. The diversion not only creates power, but has slowed the rate of erosion to 30 cm (1ft.) every 10 years.