Greg Frewin Theater

One of the best shows outside Las Vegas is in Niagara Falls. The Greg Frewin theater is a fabulous magical show and a must for the entire family.

The spectacular illusions, lighting and theatrical acts are second to none. The show features pretty showgirls and almost every type of big cat. The mystifying illusions are a sight to see. Levitations, missing boxes, disappearing doves and death defying escapes are all part of this great show.

Greg Frewin has created a show which is comparable to anything which is available anywhere in the country. The art of illusion and magic created by this artist is one of the best in North America. The spacious theater offers comfortable seating and an excellent view of the podium.

For inquires call 1 866 779 8778. The cost of show is variable depending if dinner is combined. The Greg Frewin Theater is located at 5781 Ellen Ave Niagara Falls.

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