Fallsview Waterpark

While you're in Niagara Falls look up to catch a glimpse of high-speed water-slides and the all-season, outdoor pool at one of the region's newest attraction. Niagara Falls is now home to the new Fallsview Indoor Waterpark.

Towering thirteen stories above Niagara Falls, Fallsview Indoor Waterpark is North Americas largest Hotel and Waterpark complex. It's a comprehensive family oriented resort facility on Falls Avenue right next to Niagara Falls, with indoor connections between great hotels, family friendly attractions and great theme restaurants. There's lots of fun for everyone!

While the kids will definitely be thrilled, we've noticed that the grown-ups are too. With hot tubs to soak in, comfortable lounge chairs and great food at the Planet Hollywood Beach Bar, this Niagara attraction makes you feel like you really have escaped. You probably won't rest all the time - you'll be tempted to join the kid's at the giant aqua play area that features a 1000 gallon tipping bucket - blast the kids with water cannons but be prepared to get drenched yourself. With air and water temperature kept at summer levels throughout the year, you'll be content.

Fallsview Indoor Waterpark offers families safe, exiting water-fun all year round. The entire waterpark floor has been covered with a unique poured in place safety floor system creating the largest installation of its kind. The kid's won't slip and fall on this! and you can relax knowing that wherever they are in the park, you'll be able to see them. Yes, the park is immense but the sight lines are terrific so that you can relax while the kid's play.

And play they will! The full sized wavepool is tremendously popular - its amazing how long they'll bob and splash. Of course, everyone enjoys the sixteen water-slides - up to six stories high and for the smallest children, there's the popular Tiny Tots Splash Park.

Enjoy direct connections from the Skyline Inn, The Sheraton on the Falls or The Brock Plaza Hotel or stay, just across the street, at the Hampton Inn. Your family can enjoy water fun and great accommodations, right next to the Falls.

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