Daredevil Law

According to Ontario Regulation 829/90 which governs activities in the park, it is a provincial offense, comparable to getting a ticket for speeding, to do anything that might draw a crowd or to perform any stunt or feat without getting written permission from the Commission. There is no set fine and the person would end up in court.

This conviction carries a fine of $5000.00 or 6 months in jail or both. Niagara Falls Police are in charge of enforcement of this law..

How many people have gone over the Falls in a barrel?

A total of 15 people have attempted to go over the Falls. Of those, 13 have attempted it in a barrel of some sort. Two others also tried, one was in a kayak and the other on a jet ski, both of these died. A total of 3 of the persons attempting the Falls by barrel were killed making it a total of 5 deaths.

Several people have announced that they were going to try it, but ended up backing out. All the attempts made were over Horseshoe Falls, the rocks at the base of American Falls made it too dangerous to attempt.