Cham Shan Temple

The Ten Thousand Buddha Temple of Peace is a Mahagana Buddhist temple rising seven stories towards the heavens, while sitting on 3 peaceful acres. Dedicated to the furtherance of Buddhist principles, the structure is adorned with a variety of statues and paintings.The building is not only an example of Asian architecture but also functions as a place of worship. Services are held morning, midday, and afternoon, and visitors are asked to respect persons of faith paying reverence at Cham Shan.

Open to the public. Morning and evening services daily. Free guided tour of the 7 story Stupa on Saturdays and Sundays from June to October. Gift shop of Buddhist arts and crafts.

Free Admission!


  1. I have been there twice and there is much to see and learn about Buddhism. The art is beautiful, the guides and hosts are gracious, and there is a small gift shop with a range of prices to suit everyone.

    I purchased a tote bag which not only is constructed well and can haul cumbersome college textbooks, but I receive comments on it, too!

    Wear comfortable shoes as there is no elevator in the stupa and parts of the grounds are gravel.

  2. Great place, i live here and wish i had the time to go everyday. i dont think this descrition does it justice but it’s really up to you, go see for yourself.

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