Cave of the Winds

A visit to Niagara Falls would not be the same if one did not take the Cave of the Winds Trip. The journey is one for the memories. Over the years, it has become a major attraction or tourists. The trip involves an exciting tour of the Niagara Falls from an artificial deck built on the rocky side of the Water Falls.

The thunderous noise and the rushing water are impressive and one can immediately realize the force of the water fall. The trip starts by going about 150 feet down an elevator into the Niagara Gorge.

To prevent getting soaked from the misty water, you will be given a souvenir yellowish-orange poncho and sandals (to prevent slipping on the wet floor). A specially designed deck has been reconstructed only 20-25 feet away from the water falls. The deafening noise and the roar of the falls is scary and awesome. All the tours are led by guides and the deck has been specially designed to offer the best viewing.

The Cave of the Winds offers a view of the Falls which is unseen from above. For those lucky enough, the most colorful rainbows may also be visible at different times of the day. The trip is even more exciting when the trip is undertaken in the late evening with the bright lights illuminate the falls.

The specially designed Hurricane deck has a special viewing area for the handicapped and children. In the summer, the lines are long and so it is best arrive either early in the morning or come in the late afternoon

The Cave of the Winds is only open during the spring and summer months. The Tours start at 9 am and close at 4.45 pm. For more information on the Cave of the Winds information, call (716) 278-1730. The entrance to the Cave of the Winds is $10 for adults and $ 7 for children. Parking is available.

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