things you wish you knew about Niagara Falls

Embassy Suites

Embassy Suites may be Hilton’s budget-friendly division, but you still get all the care and attention that have made the Hilton name mean “first-class… [read more]

Niagara’s Natural Wonders

Niagara Falls summer tourist season wraps up offering Autumn adventures and events in the Niagara Parks. Great deals on family attractions from Sept thru… [read more]
Observation Tower

Observation Tower

Photo By: Britt Reints From the Prospect Point Observation Tower in Niagara Falls NY, one can view most of the Canadian and US side… [read more]
Hydro-Electric Dam

Hydro-Electric Dam

Photo By: Ken Doerr The single greatest source of hydroelectric power in the world, the Niagara River is home to several power plants. The… [read more]

Butterfly Conservatory

With over 2,000 free flying tropical butterflies in a lush rain forest setting complete with waterfalls and pools, this is a photographer’s dream come… [read more]

Old Fort Niagara

By: Jesse Davis The British occupation of North America has numerous reminders of the past and one of them is the Old Fort Niagara.… [read more]

IMAX Theatre

When you go to Niagara Falls, your visit there wouldn’t be complete without visiting the IMAX Theatre Niagara Falls, Canada. This theatre is the… [read more]

Blue Ghost Tunnel

Constructed in 1876 out of limestone blocks, the Great Western Railway was built in order to allow trains to travel underneath the 3rd Western… [read more]

Fallsview Waterpark

While you’re in Niagara Falls look up to catch a glimpse of high-speed water-slides and the all-season, outdoor pool at one of the region’s… [read more]
Discovery Center

Discovery Center

photo by: wonkanerd There is a lot more to discover in Niagara than the Water Falls itself. Located along Robert Moses Parkway is the … [read more]