Botanical Gardens

With its collection of thousands of plant species and cultivars, numerous exhibition greenhouses, some thirty thematic gardens, and teams of horticulturists and active staff, the Botanical Gardens in Niagara have become one of the most visited attractions in Niagara.

The Botanical Gardens are located to the North of the Falls along the Niagara Parkway. No matter what the season, visitors to the Niagara Botanical Garden are sure to be captivated by the splendid colors and fragrances from around the world as they wander from the delightful European Tulips to the Orchids from China, from the peaceful oasis of the Japanese Garden to the classically designed British gardens with immaculate lawns. Spaced in between these different gardens are a collection of trees, shrubs and various large flowering plants from all over Canada.

The gardens were opened up nearly 70 years ago and over the decades have undergone numerous renovations and reconstructions. Today the gardens also offer residential training for future horticulturists.

The best times to visit are in early spring or autumn when the full blooms of the flowers and their natural colors are splendid. Because of the crowds, the best time to visit are early mornings or late afternoon. Despite the crowds, the gardens are peaceful and tranquil .

For the flower lover, this Garden is an enriching experience and one should make the most of it. After a viewing all the flowers and plants, one can stop by at the gift shop or get a bite to eat or drink in the Cafe.

Entrance to the Garden is free and there is ample parking. The Botanical Gardens are open on a daily basis. In the Summer, Horse and Carriage tours are available and for the young lovers, even Weddings can be arranged in one the beautiful gardens.