Battle Ground Museum

The Battle Ground Hotel Museum is situated on the historic grounds of the War of 1812 Lundy's Lane Battlefield. The building was initially constructed as a home in the early 1800's.

However, even at that time, it was noted by the future owners that the place had the making of a great tourist attraction and thus was later converted into a tavern and inn. The interior of the building combines architecture details from both the Regency and Classical Revival style of the mid 1800's.

Each of the rooms allows the visitors to go back in time and imagine the taverns of the early and mid 19th Century. In addition, costumed guards also provide details about the War of 1812.

Over the past few decades, the Battle Ground Hotel has undergone numerous reconstructions and revisions to help restore the artifacts relating to the early years of the tourism industry in Niagara Falls, and the legacy of the Battle of Lundy's Lane.

Situated across from Battle Ground Hotel is the Drummond Hill Cemetery, an important historic site where the War of 1812 was fought and the resting place for Laura Secord. A monument commemorating the Battle of Lundy's Lane is also located at this historic site.

The Battle Ground Hotel is open daily from May 1st to October 31st. During the winter months, the site is open by appointment. The museum is located at 6151 Lundy's Lane, Niagara Falls. For visits, one can phone 905-358_Ì5082