Angel Inn

Angel Inn Niagara-on-the-Lake

Located at 224 Regent Street, the Angel Inn ironically has a not so angelic history that goes back to the 18th century.

Built in 1789, the Harmonious Coach House once stood in the Inn's place. The Inn saw many names during the 1800s, going under the titles of the Mansion House and Fraser's Hotel before settling back to its original name, the Angel Inn.

Reports of the many haunting stories within the Inn began to surface in the 1820s, including a newspaper clipping that speaks of table settings being rearranged, footsteps heard from the dining room as well as conversation and laughter, and glasses clinking together in the cupboards.

A more recent report tells us of an owner awaking to the sound of an immense banging from outside the bedroom. After stepping out of bed, the owner had noticed that the horseshoe he had nailed to a post had been removed and thrown 20 feet onto the floor. Apparently the laughter and footsteps coming from the dining room are still heard regularly, and the sounds of a fife, a small flute formerly used in the military can be heard coming from the upstairs bedroom, along with heavy drumming.

The ghosts of eloquently dressed men and women have been seen mingling within the Inn. Reports if dishes rattling in the cupboards, and chairs literally thrown into the walls and kegs of beer, American beer, have been known to malfunction, if you will.

by: Chase Kell

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