Casino Fallsview Concerts

Casino ConcertsAvalon Ballroom is a world class concert venue in Fallsview Casino Resort, Niagara Falls Canada. The 1,500 seat theatre has over 250 performances a year featuring the biggest headliners in the world. Some of the most recent performers include Ringo Starr, Jay Leno, Bill Cosby, Diana Ross and Il Divo. As one of Canada’s premier entertainment destinations it offers visitors to Niagara Falls an intimate and fun concert experience.

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Niagara Falls Festivals and Events

niagara falls fireworks photoNiagara Falls offers year-round entertainment at world-class venues which include Fallsview Casino Resort’s Avalon Ballroom, and The Scotiabank Convention Centre, among many others. In addition to concert performances at indoor facilities, outdoor festivals are held at all times of the year which include the famous New Year’s Eve Celebration at Victoria park, Niagara Parks Winter Festival of Lights, and the Friendship Festival Concert in Fort Erie in Summer.

Niagara Region’s Wine industry also boasts outdoor and indoor events such at the Ice Wine Festival, Grape and Wine Fest, among many other family events. A listing of local events would not be complete without mentioning Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Shaw Festival which runs throughout the summer and brings visitors from around the world.

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Niagara Hotels

Room at Embassy Suites
Photo: Fallsview Room at Embassy Suites

Niagara Falls is currently offering deals in the “off-season” at many fine resorts for your family vacation. Many hotels are within walking distance to the brink of Niagara Falls, and other attractions such at Clifton Hill muesums, Fallsview Casino, and more. Some hotel resorts even have indoor waterparks which are open year-round to offer a warm escape from the winter months. Some of the best deals for rooms are found online through various hotel booking sites. Expedia is one of the most popular travel booking engines and can usually offer the most competitive price for a hotel room in Niagara Falls.


To search for the best room rates available in Niagara Falls by Expedia click below:


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Niagara Nature Reserve

By: photo by: wonkanerd

One of the most beautiful hikes along the Niagara Escarpment is found in the Niagara Glen Nature Reserve. The climb to the top of Queenston Heights leads down to the bottom of the Niagara River Gorge  just a mile upstream are the Niagara Falls.

Four kilometres of trails wind through the incredible natural features of the Reserve. To make the most of your hike, purchase an interpretive trail map from the Feather in the Glen Gift Shop at Niagara Glen. Wintergreen Flat, the picnic area just off the Niagara Parkway, is where your descent begins.

The metal staircase leads you down into the gorge where you can follow well-marked, colour-coded trails through the forest. They’ll lead you to the river banks and whirlpool.

Centuries of erosion and blasting have broken rock from the walls of the Gorge, creating rocky rubble of various sizes. Natural stairways between the rocks were built with local stone. Ferns and mosses grow in the deep rocky crevices, generating cool, fresh air.

The Niagara Parks Commission leads guided nature hikes. . The Niagara Glen Nature Reserve is located on the Niagara Parkway. Take the QEW to Highway 405 and follow it to the Niagara Parkway. Go north past the Butterfly Conservatory and the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens, then watch for the Niagara Glen Feather in the Glen gift shop on the left.”

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Dinosaur Adventure Mini Putt

Clifton Hill Dino Mini PuttEnjoy the excitement on top of Clifton HiIl, Niagara Falls,  surrounded by gigantic pre-historic dinosaurs and lush vegetation with your family or friends, playing miniature golf at Dinosaur Adventure Golf ! The uniquely contoured course with multi coloured greens is fun for both the novice and the experienced and the entire course can be played in about 45 minutes.

The magnificent putting greens are full of undulations, water hazards, and real sand traps. For the non golfer, the prehistoric background of dinosaurs offers view about history what it was all like in days gone by.

The Course is fun for the entire family. During or after your putting, be sure to stop by our concession stand to enjoy our great selection of drinks and ice creams too.

Dinosaur Adventure Golf is located behind the Niagara SkyWheel, with the entrance to the immediate right of the SkyWheel. Call 905-358-3676 for hours of operation, ticket prices and other helpful information.

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Beamer Conservation

At the edge of the Escarpment, north of Grimsby, Beamer Memorial Conservation Area is an ideal location for viewing the annual spring raptor migration over the Niagara Peninsula.

Birds of prey, such as, hawks, eagles, and falcons migrate in the daylight and depend a great deal on lift from the air. The unique topography of the area lends itself perfectly to aid in raptor migration. In the Escarpment’s Beamer Memorial Conservation Area, two sources provide the lift that raptors seek. Strong updrafts develop from winds off the lake which impact the Escarpment cliffs, and _Èthermals’ form when nearby farm fields warm in the sun. Weary from their long migration, which includes circumventing the lake, raptors glide almost effortlessly on the updrafts or thermals. They migrate west toward the head of the lake near Hamilton.


The annual hawk migration is monitored by Niagara Peninsula Hawkwatch (link to an external site.) March 1 through May 15, members of Hawkwatch battle almost any weather to conduct daily counts and identification of birds of prey. Birders may count over 1,000 birds on a good day.

A permanent sign displays silhouettes of birds of prey in flight. During migration, a list is posted with daily and seasonal totals. The information gathered at Beamer, combined with data from other hawk-watching areas in North America and Mexico, is used to track long-term population fluctuations. Beamer Memorial C.A. was recently designated an Important Bird Area (IBA).

Along the Escarpment at Beamer Memorial Conservation Area, Bruce Trail provides panoramic views of Grimsby and Lake Ontario. Four lookouts are scenic stopping points along the crest of the Escarpment. The Lookout Trail leads to incredible views, which include the 23-metre falls over the Escarpment.

To get to Beamer Memorial Conservation Area, take the QEW to Exit 71/72, Christie Street (Mountain Road). At the top of the Escarpment turn right on Ridge Road, go 1.6 km to Quarry Road, turn right and proceed to the parking lot.

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Kurtz Orchards

Kurtz Orchards has everything for the family. In addition quality fruits and vegetables from local growers, the orchard Farm offers a variety of confectionaries, jams and specialty food. In addition the Orchard is dedicated to agriculture, entertainment and education.

The Farm Market is filled with gourmet foods, honey, preserves, and jams of every type, fruit baskets, collectibles and gifts for the entire family. Prior to buying any product, there are ample samples one can taste. The traditional Canadian maple syrup, soups, crackers, cheese and every type of pie and desert is available.

Kurtz Orchards offers a family gathering where visitors can socialize, learn about healthy eating, and speak directly with the people that make and or grow their food.

Fruit and vegetable of almost every type can be found. Besides the food products, there are crafts and gift shops. During the months of July and August, some of the largest and sweetest strawberries, raspberries and cherries are available. In October, grapes and pumpkins are in season.

The sweetness and tender fruit is believed to be due to the micronutrient in the soil and the quality of fruits that rival’s products from California. For the children, the varieties of ice cream, candies and chocolates that will be sure to delight.

It is located at 16006 Niagara Parkway, about 12 minutes along the escarpment from the Falls.

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Haunted Niagara

To many, the city of Niagara Falls is like Canada’s mini-version of Las Vegas. Bright lights, top-notch casinos, fine dining restaurants, five-star hotels and a plethora of concerts and events. Add in the city’s main spectacle, one of the largest waterfalls on the planet, and it is easy to see how Niagara is one of the premier tourists destinations in Canada.

All that a visiting thrill seeker needs are some directions and a quick history lesson. Through reports and other documented proof, one can learn that Niagara’s historic landmarks pack much more of a haunted punch than a dark house featuring scary music and skeletons popping out of closets.

Historic Landmarks such as Fort Erie, the Keefer Mansion, the Mahoney Dollhouse Gallery, Fort George and the Lighthouse Restaurant and Pub are true havens for apparitions and ghost like activity.

GO Train to Niagara Falls

GO GP40TC #548

Creative Commons License photo credit: Danielle Scott

Niagara Falls is one of the scenic hubs of Ontario tourism. Now one of the easiest and most relaxing ways to travel in Southern Ontario can get you to Niagara Falls, too! On every weekend and statutory holiday from the last week of school in June to the Thanksgiving long weekend in October, travellers from all over Southern Ontario can get on the GO and ride to Niagara Falls on the Lakeshore West route.

There is so much to do and see in beautiful Niagara Falls, and you can enjoy your day much more without the hassles of summer weekend traffic and parking. GO Transit will get you there ready to have a wonderful time. The GO train will leave Toronto’s Union Station and go westbound at 630 am, 940 am, 415 pm and 1005 pm to Niagara, stopping at the Lakeshore West stations of Port Credit, Oakville, Burlington, St. Catharines and Niagara Falls only. The first trip back from Niagara Falls to Toronto will leave the Niagara Falls station at 850 am. The final trip of the day returning to Toronto will set out at 1025 pm.

This seasonal GO train service also makes the Canadian National Exhibition more accessible to fans of the summer spectacular who live in the Niagara Region. Trains go to the “Ex” from St. Catharines and Niagara Falls on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays for the duration of the CNE. Admission tickets for the CNE can be purchased before your departure at the GO stations in Niagara Falls and St. Catharines.

Whether you are travelling to Niagara Falls for a day filled with natural beauty and historic interest, or coming into Toronto from Niagara for the CNE or other events, entrust your trip to GO Transit. You and your family will arrive refreshed and relaxed, ready to spend an unforgettable day in Southern Ontario.

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