Woodend Conservation

Atop the Escarpment is Woodend Conservation Area, a 45 hectare site for hiking and cross-country skiing. The Bruce Trail and other trails traverse the property. The Silurian Trail lines the Escarpment edge, looking out over the Niagara Peninsula.

Views are best in fall and winter, when the trees are bare. For hikers, summer foliage of the large deciduous trees muffles the roar of the QEW below. One is then able to appreciate songs of hermit thrushes, vireos and winter wrens.

In 1798, the United Empire Loyalist family of Peter Lampman settled what is now Woodend. The Canadian poet, Archibald Lampman, is a descendant. Subsequent family members built the present-day house in 1931. Now renamed the Woodend Environmental Centre, the house provides outdoor education opportunities for students of the District School Board of Niagara.

Woodend Conservation Area is operated by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA). Come to Woodend via the Glendale exit (38) from the QEW to Regional Road 70 (Beechwood Road). Drive up the Escarpment and watch for the Conservation Area signs.

Niagara Falls Vacations

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Travel discounts on hotels and resorts are offered to millions vacation planners in Niagara year round. Resorts such as the waterparks at Great Wolf Lodge, Americana, and the Sheraton by the Falls are just some of the hotels in near the Falls which include family attractions like water-sides and indoor pools.

There are many Niagara falls hotels to choose from. When planning your vacation to Niagara Falls Canada consider booking your hotel on Niagara reservation websites. Online room reservations account for most of the accommodation bookings in tourist destinations because its gives you the best rates. Hotels and bed n breakfasts in the Niagara Region often offer more than 15% off the normal room rates, and not just in the off season.

The Great Wolf Lodge is a vacation resort in Canada which takes family fun seriously. Visitors are greeted by talking robotic trees and animals in the foyer, children may stay in in-room wilderness cabins and the water park is awash in attractions for the whole family.

When planning your next Niagara Falls vacation consider the new exciting option in the area which include the Fallsview Casino area with the most spectacular views of the falls, the Clifton Hill tourism area where you’ll find most of the attractions and muesums, Lundy’s Lane, where many Niagara motels are, and River Road near the Niagara Parks where scenic Bed and Breakfasts overlook the Gorge.

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Maid of the Mist

The Maid of the Mist is a historic journey on a modified Double Decker boat that takes you so close to the Falls; so close to the Falls that one can literally touch the raging waters. Even since the Falls became a tourist attraction, the Maid of the Mist has become a traditional boat ride. One should not leave Niagara falls without taking this incredible boat ride. Even though it appears scary, the ride reveals the might of the massive water falls, the roar of the water tumbling over the edge and the deafening sound.

The boat gets so close to the bottom of the Falls that one can feel the thunder of the noise all around. The force of the water falls and the tumultuous amount of water raging around is an incredible feeling. Despite the rushing water and large waves, the boat is very stable and most individuals have no complaints of motion sickness.

As the boat nears the base of the Falls, there is an incredible feeling of awe and just sheer might of the water. The splashing of the water produces a misty breeze which completely soaks everything in sight and can even obscure the view at times.

The modified boats have been making these daily trips for decades and have powerful engines that can ride against the powerful Niagara river current. Before the boat ride, everyone is given souvenir yellow rain ponchos. These are a must because one is sure to get soaked otherwise.

The Boat ride is available from both the Canadian and American side of the Falls. From the Canadian side, the directions to the boat ride are found along side Clifton Hill. After the boat trip, there is a gift shop and fast food outlet for some hot coffee.

The Maid of the Mist runs from Easter to end of Summer. The rides start at 7.30 am and continue until late evening.

Tickets to the Maid of the Mist are available at the docking site at the foot of Clifton Hill. The ticket price for adult is $14 and $9 for children. The pathway leading to the Dock and the Boat allow for wheel chair and strollers.

Because of the difficulty with parking, it is best to leave the car at the designated car park area and take the People Mover (rapid transit) which operates every 5-10 minutes and transports individuals along the entire length of the Falls.

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Cham Shan Temple

The Ten Thousand Buddha Temple of Peace is a Mahagana Buddhist temple rising seven stories towards the heavens, while sitting on 3 peaceful acres. Dedicated to the furtherance of Buddhist principles, the structure is adorned with a variety of statues and paintings.The building is not only an example of Asian architecture but also functions as a place of worship. Services are held morning, midday, and afternoon, and visitors are asked to respect persons of faith paying reverence at Cham Shan.

Open to the public. Morning and evening services daily. Free guided tour of the 7 story Stupa on Saturdays and Sundays from June to October. Gift shop of Buddhist arts and crafts.

Free Admission!

Falls Boundry

The current boundary line is determined by the Treaty of Ghent made December 24th 1814. The international boundary is set right down the middle of the river between lakes Erie and Ontario. With this division, the U.S. ended up with most of the islands, however Canada has Navy Island.

In 1909 the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909 came into being to resolve any future boundary disputes. During the shaping of Terrapin Point, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers expanded the land area outward from Terrapin Point since the water was flowing to the center and the flanks were dry. This put all of Horseshoe Falls in Canada.

Other older treaties having to do with the boundaries were the Paris Peace Treaty made September 3rd, 1783 and the Jay Treaty made November 19th, 1794. The boundaries have remained the same since before the War of 1812.

Greg Frewin Theater

One of the best shows outside Las Vegas is in Niagara Falls. The Greg Frewin theater is a fabulous magical show and a must for the entire family.

The spectacular illusions, lighting and theatrical acts are second to none. The show features pretty showgirls and almost every type of big cat. The mystifying illusions are a sight to see. Levitations, missing boxes, disappearing doves and death defying escapes are all part of this great show.

Greg Frewin has created a show which is comparable to anything which is available anywhere in the country. The art of illusion and magic created by this artist is one of the best in North America. The spacious theater offers comfortable seating and an excellent view of the podium.

For inquires call 1 866 779 8778. The cost of show is variable depending if dinner is combined. The Greg Frewin Theater is located at 5781 Ellen Ave Niagara Falls.

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Niagara Falls Skywheel

175 feet above the falls, the Niagara Skywheel is the newest way to see the falls. Now open – Soar the skies in the a ferris wheel above Niagara Falls for the most spectacular view you will ever experience.

42 state-of-art gondolas are heated and air conditioned to allow for year-round enjoyment. Enjoy the 15 min view of the Niagara Falls in a climate controlled environment which seats six people.

Admission: Adult $9.99 Child $5.99

Location: 4946 Clifton Hill

Keefer Mansion

The Keefer Mansion, built in 1886, was the home of the Keefer family, who were well known as brilliant engineers during the 19th century. The mansion was built on the very same property that the American’s occupied with a hospital during the war of 1812.

Since the Keefer family, the mansion has been used for several ventures including a mental institution, a bar, a hospital, apartment buildings and most recently, the Maplehurst Retirement Home.

In its early years, the mansion played a large role in the underground railroad as it is believed that hidden tunnels were built within the mansion’s walls.

As this prominent mansion is well known for many things, housing ghosts and spirits apparently is one of them. In preparation for the mansion’s latest venture, a bed and breakfast opened in 2005, city officials hired two mediums to attempt to remove the reported spirits.

Perhaps these spirits are responsible for the footsteps often heard from inside one of the rooms upstairs, as well as the frequent banging from the staircase. Faucets turn themselves on and off, and the hanging smell of smoke from a pipe often lingers in the basement, where apparitions of various ghost like figures have been spotted. The sounds of a gate, squealing as if being opened and closed repeatedly have been reported as well.

by: Chase Kell

The Lighthouse Restaurant on the Pkwy

The Lighthouse Restaurant on-the-Pkwy offers a family friendly atmosphere and a 9:00 pm closing time. They are billing themselves as the best comfort food restaurant on the Parkway between Niagara Falls and Buffalo. They offer a range of signature pizzas including desert pizzas, sandwiches, soup and salads. The Lighthouse provides a great dining experience on the very scenic Niagara Parkway – and also offers takeout service.

Niagara Duty Free

Niagara Falls Duty Free Shopping

The Niagara Falls Area is home to three international bridges between Canada and the United States, where approximately 12 million vehicle crossings take place every year. It’s not surprising that duty-free shopping is so popular. Here’s how to make the most of your duty-free dollar.

Substantial savings on liquor, wines and beer, tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco, jewelry, fine chocolate, perfumes and many other items are on sale at the duty-free outlets at the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge, the Rainbow Bridge, and the Peace Bridge. Most liquors still sell at duty free shops for 30 to 50% off their Canadian retail price. Perfumes are available at 30 to 60 per cent off the retail list price.

To make your duty-free shopping even more affordable, the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission has also just lowered the Canadian toll rate on the bridges to $3.75 from $4.00. Frequent travellers in the Niagara Region who cross into the USA can benefit from a lower-cost ExpressPass rate. Each crossing is now $3.20.

At the Rainbow Bridge, visit Niagara Duty Free Shop at 5726 Niagara Falls Blvd. The Queenston-Lewiston Duty Free Shop is on Highway 405 adjacent to the bridge, and the Peace Bridge Duty Free Shop is just off Central Avenue.  You can rest assured you are purchasing duty-free liquors, tobacco, perfumes and other specialty goods from sellers authorized by both the Canadian and United States Governments. The Duty Free outlets also offer restrooms and refreshments, and currency exchange.

Be aware of your entitlements to duty-free goods. You must be out of your home country (Canada or USA) for 48 full hours before you may bring home any goods duty free.

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Falls No Flow

There have only been 3 times that we know of where the Falls have either completely ran dry or were reduced to a trickle.

Accounts of the time the Falls ran dry are incomplete at best. According to newspapers of the time, sometime on March 29th or early on March 30th 1848 the water over the falls stopped for almost 2 days.

For several days the wind had been blowing across Lake Erie at gale force causing ice to jam up at the mouth of the Niagara River and effectively blocking the flow of water. Residents woke to an eerie silence on the morning of March 30th. Mills that had depended on the water flow had to shut down.

Over 5000 people came to see the dry falls. The dry river bed gave up its treasures that had been there for years, things like muskets, bayonets, tomahawks and other things that had lay under the water since the battle of 1812.

People made a show of walking across the river. If they had tried to cross while water was flowing it would have been a certain death. Soldiers form the U.S. Cavalry rode their horses down the river bed putting on an exhibition. It was a historical event, nothing like it had ever been known and had never happened again.

The owners of the Maid of the Mist boat were able to blast away boulders that had endangered the boat. But there was a downside. Many of the people believed the silencing of the Falls was a doomsday event, churches on both sides were filled and special services were held. As the Falls remained silent, fear escalated among the people. On the evening of March 31st, the wind shifted, residents heard a loud groan from upstream, followed by the normal flow of water over the Falls. The return of the water eased the fear of the residents.

The wind had a lot to do with the Falls running dry. A strong wind can raise the water level in one end of Lake Erie by up to 6 feet. It would be the same thing that happens with storm surges during a hurricane but on a smaller scale. Normally the river can only hold about 2% of the ice flow from Lake Erie, with the gale force winds they had at that time, it didn’t take long for the ice to cause a jam.

The second time the Falls were reduced to a trickle was in 1953 when remedial work was done on the Falls. They had built coffer dams over a portion of Horseshoe Falls to do the work that would allow a more even flow of water and lessen the erosion over the Falls.

The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers built a series of coffer dams over American Falls in 1969 to study the rock formations at the crest of the falls and see how difficult it would be to remove some of the rocks at the base. They finally decided to let nature take its course and restored the flow of water over the falls.

Sheraton on the Falls

Sheraton on the Falls is a 22-story Fallsview hotel also known as one of Niagara’s largest and most luxurious Fallsview accommodations. It is situated directly across from the Niagara Falls in the heart of the tourist district. It is located at the corner of Clifton Hill and Falls Avenue on the Falls Avenue Entertainment Complex.

The Sheraton on the Falls has 670 spacious guestrooms and suites featuring their Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed. There are lots of room amenities complimenting the magnificent views such as the above-stated Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed with warm blankets, cozy duvet, crisp sheets, and hypo-allergenic pillows. Wireless Internet access is also available on an hourly, daily, or weekly rate in all of their guestrooms for an ensured connection. Other amenities available are iron/ironing boards, coffee maker with complimentary coffee/tea, pay-per-view movies/video games, hairdryer, and a desk/work space.

There are also restaurants, spas, fitness centers, pools and stores in the hotel. The Sheraton on the Falls has their signature Fallsview Restaurant located at the penthouse level of the hotel. The Sheraton’s Fallsview Christienne Spa and Fitness Center features a wide range of treatments and packages. There are also two pools in the hotel, one is the indoor pool and the other is the outer pool and patio on the roof of the conference center. The Sheraton on the Falls shopping concourse is located on the lobby level and offers a variety of stores.

The Sheraton on the Falls doesn’t only provide you with great amenities but also connects you to them as the Falls Avenue indoor walkway provides guests direct indoor access to Casino Niagara, Fallsview Indoor Waterpark and lots of other Niagara Falls attractions.

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Skylon Tower

The Skylon Tower is the tallest structure in Niagara Falls, Canada. It is also the most famous landmark in Niagara as it overlooks both the American Falls and the Horseshoe Falls. The tower is located in the heart of the hotel, dining, and entertainment district just steps away from the Falls and across the Fallsview Casino. They offer a Ride-to-the-Top attraction aboard any of the three exterior glass-enclosed “Yellow Bug Elevators” in just 52 seconds where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Niagara Falls, the Great Gorge, the Niagara wine district and the city skylines of Buffalo, New York and Toronto, Canada. It is also considered as the highest vantage point in Niagara where you can see 8000 square miles of Canada and the United States.

At the top of the Skylon Tower are two restaurants, the first is the lower Revolving Dining Room and the other is the upper Summit Suite Buffet Dining Room. The Revolving Dining Room can seat up to 276 people and silently revolves once every hour. There are also indoor and outdoor observation decks at the tower’s summit and the base of the tower features some gift shops, fast food restaurants and an amusement arcade.

Showing only in the Skylon Tower’s new 60 sit motion theater, t he Skylon Tower also features the all new 3D / 4D Falls Movie – “Legends of Niagara Falls” where you can experience the power of the Falls up close in amazing 3D/ 4D effects . It is also home to the Skylon Family Fun Center which is the largest indoor entertainment center in Niagara Falls. It features high-tech interactive games and rides for all ages. Most attractions that are found in the Skylon Tower are open daily all year round.

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Haunted Niagara

“Haunted tales of Trails of blood streaming down the driveway of the Victorian style mansion known as the Pink Palace in Silvertown, Niagara Falls. Also local accounts of innjured uniformed 1812 soldiers limpimg their way up the hill of the Drummond Hill Cemetery. With dishes that often rattle from within the cupboards of the Angel Inn.”

Reported apparitions and encounters such as these have allowed many to believe that Niagara is just as much dead, as it is alive.

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Niagara’s Fury at Falls

Inside the stunning new Niagara Falls entertainment complex Niagara’s Fury begins with a capitvating family friendly pre-show that tells the story of Niagara’s monumentous creation. Then enter the circular theater to see and actually feel the sensations of Niagara’s birth in an onslaught of site and sounds.

You will be humbled by the vast magnitude of Niagara Falls’ power and beauty. Be part of nature’s fury as monstrous glaciers crash and splash around while you see and feel thunder, rain, lighting, wind, fresh water spray, and even snow! Then plunge sway, and soar toward the unforgettable moment when Niagara’s Fury and beauty is revealed in a thrilling multi sensory climax featuring amazing aerial visuals you can’t see anywhere else.

Niagara’s Fury is an world-class immersive and dramatic experience. This multi-sensory attraction allows visitors to feel and appreciate the wonder of nature in a whole new way. Be immersed in the marvelous birth of Niagara Falls and experience the amazing new Niagara’s Fury attraction at Niagara Falls Canada.

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Botanical Gardens

With its collection of thousands of plant species and cultivars, numerous exhibition greenhouses, some thirty thematic gardens, and teams of horticulturists and active staff, the Botanical Gardens in Niagara have become one of the most visited attractions in Niagara.

The Botanical Gardens are located to the North of the Falls along the Niagara Parkway. No matter what the season, visitors to the Niagara Botanical Garden are sure to be captivated by the splendid colors and fragrances from around the world as they wander from the delightful European Tulips to the Orchids from China, from the peaceful oasis of the Japanese Garden to the classically designed British gardens with immaculate lawns. Spaced in between these different gardens are a collection of trees, shrubs and various large flowering plants from all over Canada.

The gardens were opened up nearly 70 years ago and over the decades have undergone numerous renovations and reconstructions. Today the gardens also offer residential training for future horticulturists.

The best times to visit are in early spring or autumn when the full blooms of the flowers and their natural colors are splendid. Because of the crowds, the best time to visit are early mornings or late afternoon. Despite the crowds, the gardens are peaceful and tranquil .

For the flower lover, this Garden is an enriching experience and one should make the most of it. After a viewing all the flowers and plants, one can stop by at the gift shop or get a bite to eat or drink in the Cafe.

Entrance to the Garden is free and there is ample parking. The Botanical Gardens are open on a daily basis. In the Summer, Horse and Carriage tours are available and for the young lovers, even Weddings can be arranged in one the beautiful gardens.

Marineland Niagara

Photo By: Familie Bierhals

Located just south of the Niagara Falls, Canada, Marineland is a unique adventurous theme park for both adults and children. In the last 2 decades, the park has grown from just a water-based theme park to one which offers numerous other attractions including rides, roller coasters and even a deer petting zoo.

The theme park offers a wide variety of marine animals which includes sharks, killer whales, dolphins and the beluga whales. The numerous variety of sea animals allows one to appreciate the ocean’s most intriguing creatures. Exciting water shows performed by the dolphins and the whale shark are held at regular intervals at the King Waldorf Stadium Show and the Aquarium Dome.

For those wanting a first hand and a close up view, early arrival is recommended. The Sea Animals perform spectacular shows which usually end with a gigantic tidal wave of water drenching the unsuspecting audience sitting in the front rows. Besides the exciting water shows, one also gets a very closer look at walruses, penguins, manatees, schools of sea and fresh water fish and other wildlife.

The newly designed Friendship Cove holds the largest whale habitat in the world. The Cove is walkways surrounding it for above water viewing ans underwater performances of these remarkable marine mammals.

For those interested in more excitement, there are a variety of rides and roller coasters on the park. Sky Screamer – the world’s tallest triple tower ride not only provides a spectacular view of the surrounding area, but will drop you 450 feet in a matter of seconds- rivaling any bungee jump in terms of fear and excitement.

The park has numerous dining facilities offering everything from fast take away to a leisure lunch of Sea food Creole and Chicken Dijon. Of course, this is not included in the park entrance fee.
Many surrounding hotels also offer Tour Packages which include 2 nights accommodation, buffet breakfast, complimentary tokens for rides and passes to the Marine Land them park.

Marineland is located just a mile South of Niagara Falls. It is closed during the winter months but open during the entire summer. Adequate parking is available at the Park.

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