Queenston Heights

Brock Monument View North © by pmvarsa

Queenston Heights Park is the site of a War of 1812 battle in which Sir Isaac Brock was killed. A 50-m. (150-ft.) monument, that is perched above the Niagara Escarpment, was built in his honor.

Surrounding the monument is a recreational park that contains a vast picnic area with open-air tables and covered pavilions. Also located here are a bandshell, tennis courts and hiking trails. Food is available at a snack bar or at Queenston Heights Restaurant (open seasonally).

Queenston Heights Park is located on top of the 106 m. (350-ft.) Niagara Escarpment, which allows for spectacular views of the lower Niagara River, surrounding countryside, Lake Ontario, and the Toronto skyline on clear days.

It was here that the Falls were first formed over 10,000 years ago. The Bruce Trail, which follows the escarpment 780 km (520 miles) to Tobermory, also starts here.

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First Visitors

A number of historical reports say that the first European to visit the Falls was a Jesuit Priest by the name of Father Louis Hennepin in 1678, however many believe the first European visitor appeared at the Falls a number of years prior to that.

Etienne Brule arrived in Niagara in 1626. He was one of many missionaries that came to visit the Neutral Indians along the Niagara. While he was that close, it’s hard to believe he wouldn’t have at least seen the Falls.

Rene-Robert Chevalier and Sieur de La Salle, french explorers were known to have briefly visited the Falls in 1666. In 1678, La Salle and his party established an outpost on the Chippawa Creek where it joined the Niagara River. They spent a whole afternoon at the Falls in December of 1678. At that time Father Hennepin, drew a picture of the Falls. That same picture appears in a book published in 1699.

So, although some may believe Hennepin was the first to visit, because of the picture he drew, he was actually just the first European that had visited it, drew a picture and wrote a story about the Falls. More than likely the first to visit would have been Brule.

Angel Inn

Angel Inn Niagara-on-the-Lake

Located at 224 Regent Street, the Angel Inn ironically has a not so angelic history that goes back to the 18th century.

Built in 1789, the Harmonious Coach House once stood in the Inn’s place. The Inn saw many names during the 1800s, going under the titles of the Mansion House and Fraser’s Hotel before settling back to its original name, the Angel Inn.

Reports of the many haunting stories within the Inn began to surface in the 1820s, including a newspaper clipping that speaks of table settings being rearranged, footsteps heard from the dining room as well as conversation and laughter, and glasses clinking together in the cupboards.

A more recent report tells us of an owner awaking to the sound of an immense banging from outside the bedroom. After stepping out of bed, the owner had noticed that the horseshoe he had nailed to a post had been removed and thrown 20 feet onto the floor. Apparently the laughter and footsteps coming from the dining room are still heard regularly, and the sounds of a fife, a small flute formerly used in the military can be heard coming from the upstairs bedroom, along with heavy drumming.

The ghosts of eloquently dressed men and women have been seen mingling within the Inn. Reports if dishes rattling in the cupboards, and chairs literally thrown into the walls and kegs of beer, American beer, have been known to malfunction, if you will.

by: Chase Kell

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Ball’s Falls

In the early 1800s, along Twenty Mile Creek, John and George Ball established a grist mill, sawmill and woolen mill. Ball’s Falls was a prospering pioneer community for nearly a century. The 1900s saw the town’s sudden decline, as it was bypassed by the Great Western Railway.

Now, some 200 years later, the grist mill is home to one of the few working mills in Ontario. Tour heritage buildings, such as the lime kiln and blacksmith shop. Spring and Fall craft shows and other seasonal events provide additional opportunities to enjoy a time gone by.

Hikers will enjoy trekking to the Upper and Lower Falls. Bring your camera. The Cataract and Bruce Trails are scenic delights. Like many locations in the Escarpment, Ball’s Falls is one of the Niagara Region’s most biodiverse beauties. Encounter 471 vascular plants, 53 species of mammals and 36 species of amphibians as you take in more of the natural wonder that is Niagara.

Located near Vineland, Ball’s Falls is easy to find. Take exit 57 from the QEW. Head south on Victoria Avenue and through Vineland to the entrance on 6th Avenue.

Niagara River

In the 1960s the Welland Canal was improved and incorporated into the Saint Lawrence Seaway. Ships can now bypass Niagara Falls.
Up until the 1970’s with the help of the electric power produced by the river, industries in the Niagara River valley flourished, however after the water was diverted from the Buffalo area it caused the steel and grain mills in that area to shut down. Since then the region has declined economically.

Niagara Falls, Ontario and Niagara Falls, New York are joined by three bridges, including the the Whirlpool Bridge, and the newest bridge, the Lewiston-Queenston located near the escarpment and the Rainbow bridge located downriver from the Falls, the Rainbow Bridge offers the closest view of the falls.

Fallsview Casino Resort

Fallsview Casino ResortA vacation to Niagara Falls, Canada can become an adventure in luxury and indulgence when checking into the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort. This is the next level in luxury accommodations and some of the hottest slots in the area!

The Niagara Fallsview Casino is the ultimate in Niagara Falls casino activity. The immense 180,000 square foot gaming floor features 3000 slot machines and 150 table games. The Niagara Fallsview Casino treats guests and players to an experience that is unparalleled in other Niagara Falls hotels.

From the intricate, hand painted ceilings to the uniquely exquisite d’cor, Niagara Fallsview Casino and hotel will dazzle you with charm and fantasy that takes you back in time to the splendor and indulgence of old Europe. At the Niagara Fallsview Casino, you will tread upon marble floors beneath a hand painted ceiling and gilded chandeliers.

This world-class casino resort will spoil you, as you indulge in all the luxuries that it has to offer. Like no other gaming resort hotel, this is the perfect setting for your romantic getaways or your gaming adventures. The Fallsview Casino offers sheer decadence and luxury in a resort setting.

The signature water attraction at the Fallsview Resort, is the Hydro-Teslatron, an impressive seven minute water show which converts the rushing water of Niagara into viable electricity. This is only one of the areas that the resort outshines other Niagara Falls hotels. Amid lasers, LED displays and loudspeakers, this astounding demonstration reminds of the humbling, sheer power of water and electricity.

Of the Niagara Falls hotels, this resort raises the bar in luxury accommodation. The d’cor of the rooms is homey but steeped in luxury and elegance. Each of the 374 lavishly furnished rooms offers a spectacular view of Niagara falls and the cityscape. You will wrap yourself in elegance as you indulge yourself in the lush atmosphere of luxury accommodations that offer room service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The experience of the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort is one that none of the other Niagara Falls hotels can offer.

The Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort is a luxurious escape with pools, health clubs, and so much more, this Niagara casino resort offers everything to spoil and pamper.

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Screaming Tunnel

Beneath the railway tracks that connect Niagara Falls with New York City and Toronto, on a dirt road just off of Warner Road lies the infamous Screaming Tunnel, nearly 2000 square feet of beautiful stonework and eerie vibes.

Most who know of this tunnel remember it as Christopher Walken’s temporary place of refuge in the 1983 feature film Dead Zone, but to some, this tunnel represents a varying story of fire and death.

According to the legend, a young girl set ablaze in the early1900s lived her dying moments inside this very tunnel, yet how she arrived there is mysteriously debatable.

One story of her arrival speaks of a nearby farmhouse, which had caught fire and forced the young girl and her family to use the tunnel during their escape. Screaming with her hair and clothes caught in flames, the young girl was unable to make it through the tunnel with the rest of her family.

Another version describes a custody battle with a violent conclusion as the young girl was dragged to the tunnel and set on fire by her father. Some have heard that the young girl was kidnapped by a crazed butcher, who dawned a pig’s mask and burned her alive after she had tried to escape through the tunnel.

Perhaps the most gruesome story, the young girl was raped while inside the tunnel, with the perpetrator burning the body in order to hide the evidence.

The burning farmhouse version of the young girl’s arrival is believed to be the most accurate, yet despite which story is true, they say that you can often hear the young girl’s screams echoing through the tunnel. And those who have dared to step near the tunnel have spoken of extremely cold temperatures, even during the hottest of days.

by: Chase Kell | clip credit: wwwyoutube.com/user/burrheadjr

Niagara Falls Wedding

Getting Married in Niagara Falls

No longer just the “Honeymoon Capital of the World,” many Niagara Falls hotels and private companies now offer the whole wedding experience to brides and grooms. All major hotels in the Niagara Falls area can arrange your wedding, reception and honeymoon accommodation at a package rate.


In Niagara Falls, you can arrange through the Niagara Wedding Company to marry aboard the “Maid of the Mist”; at the Botanical Gardens or Oakes Garden Theatre; or you can relax at a beach wedding on the north shore of Lake Erie.

The Peninsula Inn and Spa has a White Wedding Chapel on its grounds. The dainty, New England-style church holds a wedding party and up to 40 guests. The bride and groom can enter and leave the church by crossing over the Kissing Bridge.

Choose a historic-themed Medieval wedding with Medieval Buffet at The Buttery, a Niagara-on-the-Lake restaurant built in 1812.


Attend carefully to the legalities of getting married. Marriage licenses must be obtained in person at the Municipal Clerk’s Office, City Hall, at 4310 Queen Street. A fee of $100 is payable in Canadian dollars (cash), and the office is open from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

The Province of Ontario does not require premarital blood tests or residency in the province to issue a marriage license. Bring proof of identity, such as a birth certificate, driver’s license or passport to obtain your marriage license.

Both bride and groom must be at least 18 years old to wed. People aged 16 or 17 need written consent from their legal guardians to marry. Previously married people need to show an original or notarized copy of their final decree to get a marriage license.

A Justice of the Peace, a judge, or any minister or clergy member registered by the Marriage Act may legally perform a marriage ceremony. If applicable, check that your chosen minister is authorized to perform same-sex marriages, which are legal throughout Canada.

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The Sky Wheel

The Sky Wheel is Niagara Falls own version of the Millennium Wheel. At 53 meters tall each ride on the Sky Wheel lasts 10 exciting minutes. The 42 gondolas slowly rise to the top and the view provided on a clear day is absolutely magnificent. The view of the Falls on a clear day is breathtaking from the top of the Wheel. A camera is a must to bring on the ride. At the very top, both the Horseshoe and American Falls are seen in their majestic splendor.

On a clear day, one can see the Niagara parks and surrounding landmarks for miles. The ride is best taken in the evening to capture the glitter of the Niagara Skyline and the illumination of the Falls. The wheel turns surprisingly slowly- it takes about 10 minutes to go round, so one has plenty of time take photos to scenic landmarks.

All Gondolas are fully equipped to provide either heat or air conditioning. The Sky Wheel does offer access for the handicapped. The Sky Wheel is located on Clifton Hill. the entrance is $ 9.99 for adults and $ 5.99 for children.

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